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Women In Business In Colombia

How Are Women In Business Treated In Colombia?


It’s sad, isn’t it, that we still have to address this issue. But, especially in Latin America, one might think workplace equality is an issue. And it is in some countries, but not in Colombia.

In Colombia a woman in the workforce is treated as any man, and is not given any special courtesy or deference.

US business women are well received in Colombia and treated in a business-like manner, although perhaps with some curiosity. Bottom line is that North American women should have no trouble doing business in Colombia.

Unfortunately, men may flirt or make comments, but these should be ignored. And women, particularly North American women, should be careful not to do anything that could possibly be misconstrued as flirtatious.

Women should wear dark suits and dresses or business attire. And should always keep Colombian business etiquette in mind.


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