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Winter Hot Spots in Brazil

During the month of July ski resorts in South America get packed to the rim with vacationing families and their rowdy kids on break from school. There are many resorts to choose from with Argentina and Chile offering 27 locations: Ski Resorts in South America.

Bonito is in the Sierra do Bodoquena Mountains and is Famous for its Caving and River Activities.

Bonito is in the Sierra do Bodoquena Mountains and Famous for its Caving and River Activities.

Even jungle laden Brazil doesn’t like to be left out, boasting only one resort but the largest in Latin America made out of artificial snow (makes sense!): Ski Mountain Park in Sao Roque, near the city of Sao Paulo.

You can view their Facebook page here.

But to those of us living on other continents June through August is sun-bathing time with annual family trips to the beach, not high up on snowy peaks.

For a warm weather holiday in South America during this time head to northern Brazil. In the northeast you have Recife, Natal and Fortaleza, all with sunshine and beaches for your persuance.

A good online source for price comparison of many types of hotels is

It is also an excellent time to visit the Pantanal (tropical wetland area) in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. June, July and August are dry season, other times of the year the areas are often flooded with the most rainfall from November through March.

How about river diving? The photograph is of tourists snorkeling in Bonito. In this area the rivers are famous as some of the “clearest and most transparent in the world” (source: Wikipedia).

Tips for Visiting Brazil & Visas

Before visiting Brazil most nationalities must apply for a visa at the Brazilian consulate or embassy in their home country. You cannot simply fly into Rio de Janeiro, for example, and pay the Immigrations officer whatever charge they ask. You have to have your Tourist Visa approved before entering the country.

For information on fees and how to apply for a Tourist Visa read: Visas & Fees for Brazil.

You can get temporary visas at a few locations when traveling through South America, such as in the border town Puerto Iguazú, Argentina – home of the magnificent Iguazu Falls. It will be a limited 30 day, single-entry visa but can be applied for and approved very quickly, with less paperwork than the full 90 day, multiple-entry 10 year visa.

More information on getting a visa to Brazil in Puerto Iguazú, and a full travel guide to the Argentinian and Brazilian side of the famous waterfalls with suggested places to stay and eat at can be found here: Puerto Iguazú & Foz de Iguaçu Travel Guide

Photograph is by Steve Taylor, via Wikipedia.

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