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Why I Bought South America Living Website

Andy Alexander Editor

Andy Alexander Editor

In the spring of 2013, I had a near death experience that changed everything for me – a brain embolism following elective surgery. My life changed in an instant. So, while I walked the beach in the Mexican fishing village where I went to live after the stroke I thought, “What now… what now…”

My thoughts turned to travel and to websites and to blogs. Yeah…maybe sometime. Sometime when the girls (I have identical twins) are out of University (they are Sophomores now). Sometime… when the timing is — you know — perfect. Some “other” time.

Well, they say timing is everything, and this ‘thing’ was no exception. I knew that I could never work for someone else again, and so when I saw that was for sale I thought — well, a girl can dream.

I could buy an already existing site and then tweak it to accommodate my vision and perspective, my experiences, instead of starting from scratch or reinventing the wheel. After much deliberation followed by negotiations – the deal was done. And I became the new owner of

So, I bought a website. But it isn’t a website about widgets. It’s about living and traveling in South America. And I have a passion for South America, for 40 years I have had this passion. And — I’m a story teller. Always have been.

My own stories…listening to and sharing others’ stories. I’m a people person. With an open mind and a wide open personality. A former boss once said to me “You like everyone.” As if that were a bad thing. And yeah — I do. I like everyone.

And I have found, as a result, that, generally speaking, they like me right back.

So — what can you expect from this website in the coming months?

I will be taking a trip or two to South America immediately. I’m thinking Brazil because of its upcoming predominance on the world stage with FIFA and the Olympics. And Argentina — because it’s been a life long dream.

I will be adding features about food and dining in South America. I’m a self professed foodie, and as such, if the website gives me the excuse to do primary research on food in South America? Um..yeah… I’ll take that job. And I will be interested in hearing and sharing food stories from around the region.

In general — there’s a lot of cool stuff happening right now south of the border. I plan to carry forth the message of life in South America. Its gentle pace. Its rich culture. The people. Their hopes, wishes and dreams. I will share their perspectives. The locals’ perspective.

Join me as we: Travel. Dine. And Live like the locals.

Because the better we get to know each other, the better we get to know ourselves. Buen Viaje!

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