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Where I Drank In Bogotá


Want a neighborhood bar in Bogota? I did. So..I found two of ’em. One for each of the key forms of beverage:

1. Craft Beer: After a few weeks of drinking one beer – Club Colombia, the national brand (a serviceable brew, nothing to sing about) – I needed a break. I was missing that oh-so-hoppy feeling I get when I drink a good craft beer. Well — lucky for me, I stumbled upon the Bogota Beer Company. Oh my! What a selection. And totally the place to see and be seen on a Sunday night in the tony Parque 93. Named for the street it is on, Parque de la 93 is in the heart of La Zona Rosa, Bogotá’s center for nightlife, shopping and dining.

2. Cocktails, Dinner and Crazy Bar Fun: Shamua. Holy s#*t…not sure how it’s pronounced, but I called it ShamWOW! It saved my life on two occasions when I found nothing open for dinner on a weekend near my hotel in the neighborhood of Usaquen. It nearly took my life on a third…with a deadly hangover. Ok, so you get that I went here 3 nights, and yes they were in a row — but it was because Shamua is next door to the Morrison 114 — so it was uber convenient. And by the way? I would take a taxi across town if necessary to get to this place — it is just that much fun. A great after-work crowd for happy hour on Wednesdays through Fridays. I made a couple of friends and made a connection with a fat-assed ants dealer in the ladies room. And it was at the end of my trip that I discovered Shamua, so the next day’s hangover didn’t affect my sightseeing — I’d already done that.

I can’t speak for other bars. I didn’t go to any. I didn’t need to. These two venues met all my needs.

And as always….Salud!

There are more than a dozen Bogota Beer Company locations in Bogotá, as well as outlets in Medellin, Cartagena and Barranquilla. Here is the link with information on all their outlets. The one I liked was at Parque de la 93.

As for Shamua, there is only one:
Av 19 No. 114 -70
Teléfono: 2142691 – 2158530

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