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What Is An Aromatica?

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A Colombian specialty, aromaticas are an excellent, healthy and nutritious option that are served as an alternative to regular tea. What exactly are aromaticas made from?

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Typically they are made from pieces of fruits known to contain digestive enzymes. Fruits like pineapple, strawberry, kiwi, papaya and maracuya (passion fruit), are mixed with herbs like mint, lemongrass, manzanilla (chamomile) and ginger that are allowed to steep in near boiling water for a long while until the ingredients’ tastes and nutritive values are imparted to the water. Colombians have a love affair with their fruit, and why shouldn’t they – here you will find fruit that you see nowhere else, and almost any fruit can be grown to perfection here.

Aromaticas can be found on the streets and are sold hot in small cups. It’s a wonderful little pick me up on a cold Bogotano day or night.

Aromaticas are also served after the meal in most restaurants. Many of which allow you to customize the mixture of ingredients in your own cup.20150426_150219

It’s a fun thing to do — and really aids in the digestive process after a large meal. And because Colombia doesn’t typically serve great coffee, it’s an excellent alternative to having a mediocre cuppa Joe.

As always…Buen Provecho!

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