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Visas & Fees in South America for the USA, Canada, Australia and UK

Búzios Beach in Rio de Janeiro

Heading out soon on your South American adventure and planning to visit Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru or Uruguay?

Want to visit the gorgeous beach pictured to the left? Before you hop on that bus or plane, know what entry requirements are required by the country or countries you will be visiting.

Information on where to stay, eat & play after you get there is here: Free Travel Guides

Some countries make travelers obtain a Tourist Visa in advance, some countries make you pay for a Tourist Visa but will issue it at the Immigration office upon arrival, etc.

To do a quick check to see if you have to pay for a visa – and how much – click here: Reciprocity Fees in South America for U.S., Canadian, Australian & UK Passport Holders

For more extensive information on visa requirements for a specific country, such as what is needed to apply for a Tourist Visa… click on the appropriate link:

Passport Stamp for Brazil

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