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Video – Working Gauchos (Cowboys) at Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

Want to see a bit of the old Wild West in action at the sleepy artist colony of Cabo Polonio, Uruguay?

Skilled Young Gaucho Helping Out in Cabo Polonio

Well, look no further. Just within the town boundaries, a hop, skip & jump from the majority of lovely shack-style restaurants you will be dining at if visiting… these gauchos (cowboys in English) are hard at work rounding up the fillys and all else that is needed to provide for the welfare of these gorgeous horses by their skilled equestrian caretakers.    YouTube Video – Cabo Polonio Gauchos (Cowboys) & Horses

Description of vid: Very short video of working gauchos trying to rally up a mare who isn´t so keen on being captured. The words that were spitted-out after she ran off (once again…) this author believes are the type of Spanish phrases that should not be repeated, much less printed online.

More photographs and info: Travel in Uruguay – Cowboys (Gauchos) & Horses in Cabo Polonio

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Photographs and video by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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