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Video – Playing Bochas (Bocce) in South America

Playing (not Throwing) a Ball

Want to see what playing the sport of Bochas – or Bocce – looks like?

Young bochas player – co-owner of South America Living Blake McHugh – throws the jack to start the game and then plays the first ball in the YouTube video below – Playing Bochas in South America.

Probably the worst ball he’d ever thrown (was on a championship team and top-notch player) but the only time Mom had a camera on-hand… go figure. To learn about the sport of Bochas (also called Bocce) in South America and view more photos, click here: Sports – Bochas or Bocce in South America


Preserving the Court After A Ball Was Thrown

Champion Players Waiting Their Turn

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Photographs & video by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved

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