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Photos & Video – Making Caipirinhas in Uruguay

Expert Caipirinha-maker in Uruguay

Thirsty on a hot day? Under a lot of stress from all those miles traveling on busses in South America? Order a caipirinha at your next stop. This mix of caña (called ‘casaya’ in Brazil) lemon, sugar and ice will cool your thirst while chilling you out.

Check out the vid below to see how easy it is to make yourself at home. Got lemon? Got ice? Got caña liquor from Brazil or where-have-you? Throw in two heaping tablespoons of sugar, crush it a bit then mix well and your all set. Pour me a glass will ya? It´s been a long day…

YouTube Video – Making Caipirinhas On The Beach in La Paloma Uruguay:



Caña - Liquor Used to Make Caipirinhas

Description of vid:  Bartender on the beach makes up a caipirinha drink and shows you how every step of the way. Grab some caña and view.

Need the recipe written for you with step-by-step instructions? Click here:   Food & Drink in Uruguay – Caipirinha

Didn´t know bartenders in Uruguay are this cute? They are… may be time for a visit!

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Photographs and video by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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