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Península Valdés – Patagonia, Argentina

Península Valdés (Valdes Peninsula in English) is a popular whale-watching area and wildlife sanctuary. Southern Right Whales migrate every year between May and December to breed and nurse their young.

Sea Lions on the Valdes Peninsula

The Valdes Peninsula was declared a World Natural Heritage site in 1999.

Other wildlife species that may be encountered when visiting include: rheas (flightless birds native to South America), oystercatchers, flamingos, egrets, sea elephants, sea lions, Magellan penguins, cormorants, Southern Giant Petrels (tube-nosed seabirds) and Commerson Dolphins (Tonina Overa in Spanish).

Southern Giant Petral with Chick

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The Valdes Peninsula resembles an island and is attached to the continent by a narrow 35 Km (21 miles) wide isthmus (Istmo in Spanish) – named Ameghino.

There is a small town – Puerto Piramides – with a few hotels and restaurants.

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