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Travel insurance – don’t leave home without it. All policies will not cover every potential mishap but if you happen to have an accident or illlness while traveling abroad and need medical care or have all your luggage stolen you will be very thankful you are covered.

Check out the companies below and choose a plan that best suits your needs. A great online service for comparing rates between many providers is


Excellent option with 365 day policies (for those who travel frequently and are not worried about trip cancellation) as low as $270 USD. Payment for medical expenses paid on the spot to the hospital or care provider, do not have to pay out-of-pocket and then wait for reimbursement. Family policies for single parents much cheaper than World Nomads. Multi-trip policies for long-term travelers covering up to 3 months in a country at any given time.


UK-based company (UK, Australia & Ireland residents only, available to Americans soon) with 365 day travel policies as low as $520 USD covering up to $7,800,000 USD in medical expenses, $1,500 USD trip cancellation, reparation costs (flying home in the event of an emergency), personal accident & liability (in the event you accidentally injure someone or damage their property) coverage, etc.

For around $250 USD more you get $2,300 USD baggage coverage in the event your things are lost, damaged or stolen… plus $780 USD personal money coverage if your cash is lost or stolen.

World Nomads

Prices vary greatly depending on your country of origin. A 365 day basic policy for U.S. citizens costs around $920 USD with $100,000 USD medical/dental emergency coverage, $300,000 in reparation costs, $2500 trip cancellation and up to $1,000 USD if your luggage is lost or stolen. If you happen to be Australian, a similar 365 day policy will cost you around $650 USD.

A nice feature of World Nomads is that you can sign-up for a policy while traveling or living abroad… with InsureandGo you need to be located in your home country when purchasing.


Similar to Word Nomads in that they are an insurance broker – coverage is provided by various different insurance providers depending on the plan you choose. A 365 day policy with $100,000 USD medical emergency coverage is approximately $930 USD.

Photograph by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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