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Windmill Near Fortaleza

Fortaleza is a city on Brazil’s northeast coast and the capital of Ceará state. It is the fifth largest city in Brazil, with a population over 2.5 million.

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If you decide to move to Fortaleza you will become yet another ‘Fortalezenses’ – what local residents are called. Though you may not want to… one-third of the inhabitants live in slums (favelas in Portugese) and there is a high level of crime.

When traveling through the area or spending a few days enjoying the sights and water activities, take care to not carry valubles on your person or display obvious signs of wealth such as expensive jewlery, watch or handbag. This is common sense traveling anywhere and other areas of South America are experiencing high levels of crime also (2012) such as the very popular capital city Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Activities for the young and restless inlclude wind surfing, kite surfing and good ol´ regular surfing. For the more laid back there are motorized schooner cruises and golf – nearest golf course is in Iguape, 30 minutes from Beira Mar.

A Few Tourist Attractions in Fortaleza:

  • Praça do Ferreira – the main city square, with stores, restaurants, a movie theater
  • Praça José de Alencar – where to enjoy the city’s best street performers
  • Mini Siará (Museum of Miniatures) – scale models of Fortaleza’s colonial buildings
  • Theatro José de Alencar the architectural landmark of the city, finished in 1912, with performances most evenings
  • The Dragão do Mar – culture center with an art museum, library and cinema
  • Museu de Arte e Cultura Popular – the Centro de Turismo (tourist center), with a handicraft market that has examples of folk art, boats and other cultural relics on display
  • Parque Ecologico do Cocó – the city’s largest green area, near the Iguatemi-mall

How To Get To Fortaleza

The international airport in Fortaleza is Pinto Martins. The bus station is around 3 km (1.9 miles) from the airport and is called Rodoviária São Tomé – located at 1630 Av. Borges de Melo.

From Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo by bus will take 44 and 50 hours respectively. If you are a glutton for punishment, two bus companies that provide this long distance service are: Sao Geraldo and Itapemirim. You can click on either link for more information but there is no English version, only Portuguese.

A preferrable (though still over 7 hours) way to get to Fortaleza from Rio de Janerio or São Paulo is via airplane. You can compare prices online with Azul, Gol and TAM airlines.

View of Fortaleza's Seaside

Dead Cat Slum

Water Park in Fortaleza

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