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Termas del Dayman Hot Springs in Salto, Uruguay

Entrance to Termas del Dayman in Salto

Termas del Dayman (Hot Springs of Dayman in English) are municipal thermal baths located a short 20 minutes (8 km) from the bus terminal in Salto, Uruguay.

Arriving in the morning and leaving on an overnight bus? Store your luggage at the bus terminal (approximately $3 USD per bag) and walk two blocks for local transport to Termas del Dayman.

Lifegaurd At Termas del Dayman. Obviously a VERY Stressful Job...

Busses run every hour to and from the location, dropping you off at the entrance gate.

There are multiple pools in all shapes and sizes for you to choose from on your afternoon adventure as well as a restaurant and snack kiosks. If you need additional pampering such as a massage, facial or sauna there is a spa onsite.

Water temperatures range from 38 to 44 degrees C (100 to 111 degrees F) and signs are posted by the pools listing the temperature of the pool. It is easy to understand why popular times for a visit are the colder winter months June to August.

One of Numerous Thermal Baths at Termas del Dayman

For all you lawless types – while visiting Termas del Dayman you are not off the hook. Be good and follow the rules and regulations below or the nice-looking lifegaurd (see photo above) may become Not So Nice! Does he look like he wants to get out of that chair? I don’t think so.

Rules & Regulations To Keep You On Your Best Behaviour At Termas del Dayman

There are many local accomodations in the small town (hotels, cabins and camping) and a small selection of restaurants.

AguaSol (see photo below) is one of many hotels across the street and within a block from Termas del Dayman, many like AguaSol have thermal baths of their own – private for guests use only – but not the extent of which you will find within the acres of park-like grounds within the public resort.

One of Many Hotels Across The Street From Termas del Dayman - AguaSol

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Photographs by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

4 to “Termas del Dayman Hot Springs in Salto, Uruguay”

  1. We are planning a trip to Uruguay in October. We want to rent a 2 bedroom house or apartment (non-smoking). Would you please refer an owner or agent to
    us in the Salto area? What is the nearest airport we can use?

    Your assistance is appreciated very much.

    Bernice Peplowski

    • Molly McHugh says:

      Hi Bernice, you’ll fly into Montevideo – enjoy a night or two there first would be my recommendation, is a fun city, here’s a nice general travel guide to get you started, don’t miss the Mercado del Puerto!

      Then you can rent a car – very easy and low-cost in Uruguay – or take the bus to Salto. You will just have to land, find a hotel and then ask for where there is an ‘inmobilario’ (real estate office in English) — those are the folks who handle rentals.

      And ask folks you meet, walk/drive around… that is how I found our rentals when we lived on the Atlantic coast, and is a great way to meet folks.

      best of luck, sending you a copy of our free eBook, think you’ll enjoy it, Molly

  2. Hello Molly;

    We are professional producers and plan on going back to Florida from Oregon in about a month.

    We have produced very successful YouTube movies for clients from Miami to Maui.

    We know we could create something great for you that would really draw business from the US.

    This is a sample of a hot spings developed a YouTube movie three months ago, it’s alreayd been see by almost 700 viewers and will be seen by thousands in a year or two:

    We are thinking about spending a few months in your area but know little about it.

    I understand this is a busy season there at this time. But we would love to have more communication about
    living in your area for a while, and maybe producing a really good YouTube movie for you in english and spanish.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you

    Morris Waller CEO Producer/director

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