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Great Place To Sit On The Grass And Watch Your Toddler Enjoy Some Warm Water At Termas del Dayman Municipal Spa

It’s a toss-up whether the tranquil city of Salto in Northeast Uruguay is primarily a transportation hub and border crossing to Concordia, Argentina or tourism hot spot with its multiple thermal baths to visit. To weigh in on the debate, go for a visit and stay a night or two.   View Photos

The closest terma (hot spring in English) area from the city center is the lovely public faciltiy Termas del Dayman.   Termas del Dayman Hot Springs in Salto, Uruguay

Editor’s Note: Information on living in Salto can be found here: Salto, Uruguay – Cheap Place to Live

Additional tourists attractions in and around Salto (second largest city in Uruguay) to keep you busy for a couple of days are viewing the Salto Grande Dam and taking the kids to the AcuaMania Waterpark. To view a video of the small but fun waterpark check out this YouTube video on South America Living’s YouTube Channel:   AcuaMania Waterpark

Salto Grande Dam

The Salto Grande Dam (completed in 1979) is a hydroelectric dam shared by Argentina and Uruguay, located on the adjoining Uruguay River. Its reservoir has a total area of 783 km2 (302 sq mi) and passes an approximate 64,000 m3 (2,300,000 cubic ft) of water per second.

Hot springs near Salto in addition to Termas del Dayman include (yet a bit farther away): Termas del Arapey (80 km north); Termas del Salto Grande (10 km); Termas del Guaviyu (near Paysandu); Termas del Almiron (near Paysandu) and Termas del San Nicanor, also near Paysandu.

If you do not want to sit on a bus for 10 hours to get to Iguazu Falls in one fell swoop – you can take the slow route by going first to Bella Union (2 hours from Salto), crossing the border to Monte Caseros, Argentina, then continuing on through Northern Argentina.

Border Crossing – Bella Union, Uruguay to Monte Caseros, Argentina

From Monte Caseros you will have to first go to Posadas, then can get a direct 5 hour bus to Puerto Iguazu.

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Photograph at top of page of Termas del Dayman by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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