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Tristán Narvaja Street Market in Montevideo, Uruguay

CarCar Seafood Lady at Tristán Narvaja

Funny Guy at Tristán Narvaja

Do you love street markets? The energy, the fun people, the fresh fruits and vegetables stands, the cool handicrafts and jewelry? How about if I threw in some seafood, meat, cheese & deli products? Then you will love ferria (street market or fair) Tristán Narvaja – or any ferria – in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Deli Food Items at Ferria Herrera

Valymar Fish Guy at Tristán Narvaja

Located at Tristán Narvaja street (any cab or local will know exactly where you want to go), take an early morning stroll and meet the folks above plus many more. During the weekend the market expands four blocks or more, with a multitude of fresh goods and artisan products on-hand. There is a popular antiques section as well as line upon line of local folks selling their wares (often second-hand) on colorful blankets laid with care on the sidewalk. Sunday draws the largest crowds, be sure to show-up before 3 p.m.

Egg Guy at Tristán Narvaja

What Type of Cheese Would You Like?

After 3 p.m. many shops are starting to close in lieu of heading home until the next weekend. Arrive in the morning around 10-11 a.m. to get the most out of the day and enjoy listening to street musicians belting out a tune or two.

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