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Gauchos & Horses in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

Do Not Enter - Basically What the Sign Says

You don´t have to be fluent in Spanish to understand the gist of this sign. “No Pasar” basically means ‘do not enter’… ‘you cannot pass’… the area beyond this fence is ‘not for you to be visiting’, etc.

Photos – The Town of Cabo Polonio

Well… I will let you in on a little secret. If visiting Cabo Polonio, Uruguay and you happen to be wandering through the rambling, laid-back town and spot a few horses you think are meant for tourists to ride and see the barbed wire fence surrounding the horses but still think you must be able to enter (like me you did not notice the sign above… you´re a tourist and they want to make money don´t they?) and rent a horse – give the cute cowboys (guachos in Spanish) on the other side a sweet smile and show your camera while asking if you can take a photo.

Photo of Author & Sweet Horse Taken at the Insistence of New Gaucho Friends

They may signal you to climb on over the gate (watch the barbed wire on the crotch) to take a few.

I didn´t realize I was on private property until I´d lumbered over the gate and was taking videos – then the kindly gauchos informed me clearly it was a private ranch (or something of that sort, my Spanish is poor) but they´d let me take a few photos and gave info on where they rent horses to tourists. The locals in Cabo Polonio – like most in Uruguay, gotta love’ em.

To watch a short video of these guys trying to round-up a filly check out this YouTube vid – Working Gauchos (Cowboys) at Cabo Polonio:


My Kind Hosts - Father & Son Gauchos Who Allowed Me to Jump the Fence

Young Gauchos Giving the Horses Water in the Afternoon at Cabo Polonio

Gauchos Transferring Horses Through Town To Other Pastures

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Photographs by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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