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Cabo Polonio, Uruguay Travel Information

Where Do You Want To Go? Crossroads in Cabo Polonio

If traveling the Atlantic coast of Uruguay take the time to visit the remote, artist´s haven Cabo Polonio.

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A ramshackle spread of a town with mainly ramshackle houses (ok, let´s say ‘rustic cabins’) and restaurants, Cabo Polonio is an ecological reserve that is home to the second largest sea lion colony in Uruguay.

Photos & Video – Cabo Polonio Sea Lion Colony

The rare Ombú tree (or large bush depending on the source) is found nearby (outside of town approximately an hour by land & water) in forests that are endemic to pampas plains of Argentina, Uruguay and southern Brazil.

Ombu Tree with Thick Trunk That Stores Water

They have been imported to the U.S. to use as a shade tree as they can survive with little water and grow 40-50 feet (12 to 15 meters) with umbrella-like thick foliage.

Sitting on a peninsula that extends into the Atlanic ocean, the town is fronted by a moon-shaped bay and sandy beach. Situated just outside of the main area is a lighthouse set above the rocky shore that leads to the sea lion colony.

Have you head the bay is calm and tranquil while the backside fronting the Atlantic directly has all the wind & wave action? It´s just not so. Check out this video of a an expert kiteboarder traversing the waves in the bay:

There is no running water or electricity in Cabo Polonio other than the lightouse which is on the national grid (that´s why you see candles in containers of sand in the bathrooms of restaurants, for post-dusk trips…) but there is a small grocery store to meet your basic needs and access to Internet powered by generators.

If you are someone who likes to gaze at the stars you will be in heaven. No city nearby and no lights to speak of; just natural darkness to view wonders above.

Hostal On The Beach in Cabo Polonio

You can buy tickets to other areas in Uruguay at the bus station (tiny room with one attendant arranging trips). Your transport out of the town will be the same as entering – via 4X4 truck or horseback, whichever you choose.     Photos & Video – Getting to Cabo Polonio via 4X4 Truck Or Horseback!

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Photographs of Sign in Cabo Polonio and Hostal on the Beach by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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