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Coroico, Bolivia Travel Guide

The Town of Coroico, Bolivia

Located just 2 hours from La Paz, Coroico is a low-altitude (1600 metres/5249 feet), pleasant – and popular – escape from harsher climates and travel in Boliva. No need to worry about Altitude Sickness and some hotels have pools for you to enjoy. Who could ask for more?

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Though located along the ‘Death Road’ trail, travel to Coroico is now safe and secure due to the constuction of a new highway in 2006. You can bus from La Paz, take a private taxi or a mini-shuttle in a 6-person van.

The Old Death Road (Yungas Highway) Now Replaced by a New Highway to Coroico

Note: Low-cost private transport from La Paz is offered by Hotel Esmeralda. They have a door to door service for guests that leaves from the Villa Fatima Bus Station. The trip takes approximately 2 hours.

Besides lounging pool-side, sipping a cold one… the primary tourist activities are 1-3 day excursions to the pristine area around Coroico.

You can spend a day swimming in fresh water rivers; visiting banana, coffee, fruit or coca farms; mountain biking; hiking or other adventure of your chosing. Here are directions from the town center to the Vagante River. There are rumors of gold to be found, you may want to try out your panning skills.

Located in a valley midway up Uchumachi Mountain the weather is temperate year-round. There are plenty of mosquitos but no dengue or maleria risks in the area.

Biking or Hiking on The World’s Most Dangerous Road

For the more adventurous, and some would say slightly insane, traveler there are tour companies to take you on a mountain bike trip down the “World´s Most Dangerous Road” – the infamous Yungas Highway.

Main Plaza in Coroico, Bolivia

Safety Note: Don’t let the improvements to Yungas Highway fool you… parts of this road – ones used by the biking tour companies – are still very dangerous and accidents occur every year, including deaths. Be sure your guides have safety and rescue equipment.

A few companys that will assist you on this adventure are: Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking and Madness Adventures’ Downhill Madness and Cost is approximately $75 – $95 USD for a one-day trip.

ATMs and Where To Get Cash in Coroico

There is no International ATM in Coroico. However, you can get cash off of your credit or debit card at the Prodem in town.

Where to Stay in Coroico

Name: Hotel Rio Selva Yungas   Book Now
Address: Huarinilla in Yungas (20 minutes from Coroico)
Website: None. Luxury resort on the Selva Yungas River near Coroico. Two pools, sauna, fitness center, games room and restaurant. Rooms overlooking the river with comfy sitting area and minibar. Children’s play areas.

Name: Hotel Gloria Coroico   Book Now
Address: Av. Keneddy 0000
Website: Three-star hotel in town center with pool, international cuisine restaurant plus cafe and bar.

Note: El Cafetal Restaurant that is a short walk from the town center and is listed below also has a hostal that is one of the better ones, rooms with bath or w/out and clean pool. El Cafetal Hostal

Name: Hotel Esmeralda
Address: C Julio Zuazo Cuenca #725
Website: Like an upscale hostal, very popular with backpackers. Pool, pool table, rooms with balconies and encompassing views of the area, buffett restaurant with steak & pizza nights plus free taxi from center of town or Coroico bus station – just arrive via taxi and they will pay the fare.

Where to Eat in Coroico

Name: El Cafetal
Address: Short walk from town center, ask for directions.
Website: French owner who also plays chef serves up steak in Roquefort sauce, trout lasagna, soufflés and curry dishes all enjoyed in a lovely outdoor garden patio.

Name: Restaurant La Casa
Address: Calle J.Suazo Cuenca
Website: Steaks, pastas, fondue with salads and various sauces. Pancakes and chocolate fondue, bring your sweet tooth.

Name: Bamboos Café
Address: Iturralde #1047
Website: If craving Mexican food, this is your spot. Burritos, tacos, nachos plus great picante sauce if you like it hot.

Interactive Map of Coroico

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Photograph at the top of page of the town of Coroico taken by Fernando Jauregui and is courtesy of Hotel Esmeralda.

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