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Calle de los Suspiros in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

The abandoned Plaza de Toros (bullring in English) in Colonia del Sacramento is – along with bullfighting – a part of Uruguay´s past. The historic city, on the other hand, has a stonghold on Uruguay’s present attracting International tourists year-round.

Colonia del Sacramento (Colony of the Sacrament) is the oldest town in Uruguay and renowned for its Barrio Histórico (historic quarter in English) – a World Heritage Site. The cobblestone streets of this area were built by the Portuguese in the 17th century.

Colonia del Sacramento is located in southwestern Uruguay aligning the Río de la Plata facing Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a popular daytrip from Buenos Aires and served by three ferry boat lines: Buquebus, Seacat Colonia and Colonia Express. The faster boats take only 50 minutes in crossing.

The Plaza Mayor (main square) is within walking distance of the ferry terminal as well as the following visitor attractions: Portón de Campo (the City Gate and wooden drawbridge), Lighthouse, Basilica del Sanctísimo Sacramento (Basilica of the Holy Sacrament), Portuguese Museum (constructed in the 18th century), Municipal Museum (rebuilt by the Spanish in 1835 as the Casa del Almirante Brown), Casa del Virrey (Viceroy’s House) and the Iglesia Matriz – the oldest church in Uruguay, dating from 1695-99.

Basilica del Sanctísimo Sacramento in Colonia del Sacramento

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