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Futaleufu, Chile Travel Information

Futaleufu River in Patagonia

“Have you done the Fu?” If you get asked this question while traveling in Southern Patagonia (Chile or Argentina) he or she wants to know if you have gone river rafting or kayaking on the Futaleufu River (Rio de Futaleufú in Spanish). The Futaleufu River is considered one of the top destinations in the world for expert-level kayaking & rafting. If you´ve ‘done the Fu’ go ahead and brag about it; you deserve it!

The town of Futaleufu (or Futaleufú) is little more than a blimp on the tourist circuit radar screen. Stop in, walk a block or so, then you can be on your way as you´ve pretty much seen everything. But that´s ok. What you really want to see and experience is the natural wonderland and gorgeous mountain, outback and river scenery spreading for miles in all directions.

Many travellers pass through the town on their way to or from Esquel, Argentina. You can read about it here: Border Crossing – Esquel, Argentina to Futaleufú, Chile

Kayaker Jon Clark on the Futaleufu River, Chile

In May 2008 the nearby town of Chaitén was destroyed when Volcano Chaitén errupted. The Chiliean government declared the town uninhatibable and made the town of Futaleufu the new capital of Palena Province (March, 2009).

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Photograph of the Futuleufu River at top of page by Mike Moore, all rights reserved.
Photograph of kayaker by Warren Williams

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