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Travel Health – Three Supplements to Take on the Road

Everyone has varied medical needs and susceptibilities but for the average healthy traveler these three health food items may help keep your days abroad illness-free.

Alacer Emergen-C Vitamin C Packets

Vitamin C Supplements

When that throat starts to redden, two packets of Alacer´s Emergen-C disolved in liquid may be just what you need to halt it in its tracks. Or if overcome with dystentary, food poisoning or other ‘keep you in bed for a few days’ episode of ill health – get you back on your feet and on the road in a day or so. Each packet contains 1000 mg of Vitamin C plus potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, zinc, chromium picolinate and B-vitamins to aid in absorption.

You can order Emergen-C packets online here: Emergen_C

High-quality Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Skip the generic-type brands and choose a high-quality pharmaceutical grade product such as those offered by Super Nutrition or Twinlab.

You can order Super Nutrition’s Simply One Family One-Per-Day Multivitamin (approximately $12 USD) by clicking here.

You can order Twinlab products online here.

Simply One Family Multivitamin

Acidopholus Capsules

Another important item to add to your ‘stay healthy abroad’ arsenal is acidopholus. Keeping high numbers of these disease-fighting bacteria in your digestional tract could mean the difference between falling ill from an unwanted bacterial exposure or simply experiencing a bout of mild diarrhea.

Make sure you select a brand that does not need to be refrigerated to maintain potency. If you let probiotics that need to be refrigerated reach room temperature for any length of time they activate and start to colonize. With nothing to feed on (they are still in the bottle, not in your digestive tract) they ‘die’ and then are ineffective.

An excellent product that does NOT need to be refrigerated to maintain potency is Nature´s Way Rueteri Pearls. You can purchase by clicking here: Rueteri Pearls.

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