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Uyuni, Bolivia Travel Guide

Hostal Piedra Blanca, Restaurant & Tour Agency - Plaza Arce (Main Plaza)

If visiting the Salar de Uyuni this is the town you will most likely be either taking your tour from or landing in after, such as with four day salt flat adventures from Tupiza.

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The primary advantage of taking tours from Uyuni is the variety (and price range!) available. You can take a full-day tour for only $25 USD (lunch included with a 3 hour stay at Isla de los Pescados), a two day tour (seeing the flamingos at Laguna Hedionda) or three or four day journeys. For more information read:   Tours to the Salar de Uyuni.

There is a museum in town – Museo de Arqueologia y Antropologia – interesting for its skulls and mummies plus the Cemeterio de Trenes (Train Cemetery), where used up locomotives are put to rest.

There are two main markets in Uyuni, both around two blocks from the main square (Plaza Arce) yet in different directions. Mercado Antofogasta is the clothing and goods market with one corner of the block long complex intersecting at Colon and Arce streets.

The outer perimeter of market Antofogasta is stall after stall of snack and cold drink vendors – open from mid-morning to around 11 p.m. In the evening there are inexpensive hamburger stands and other fast food available as well.

The main market to buy and consume food is Mercado Central, two blocks east of Plaza Arce on Potosi street. Fruit, veggies, meat and all sorts of consumables are to be purchased here. The upper level has a cafeteria open for breakfast (7:30 – 11 a.m.) and the lower level food stalls. Want to try cooked llama for a few bolivianos? This is the place! The market closes around 3 p.m.   Traditional Breakfast Foods in Bolivia

The train station is a block from Plaza Arce. Wara Wara del Sur and Expresso del Sur have departures to Tupiza, Oruro, Villazon and Atoche. To view a timetable click here and scroll to the bottom of the photo page.

Unlike in the town of Tupiza (where you have to go into a bank to get cash), there are International LINK ATMs in Uyuni where you can use your debit card (“tarjeta” in Spanish).

Where to Stay in Uyuni

Name: Tonito Hotel
Address: Ferroviaria 60,
Website: None. Wifi plus popular meeting & eating place – Minuteman Pizza – located within the hotel.

Name: Hostal Piedra Blanca
Address: Av. Arce N. 27 (Plaza Arce)
Website: Can’t ask for a better location, tucked-away behind an entrance smack in the middle of Plaza Arce. WiFi, kitchen and all-around friendly backpacker hang-out with dorm and private rooms, hot showers.

Name: Hospedaje El Salvador
Address: Av. Arce N. 348 (next to where the busses drop you off)
Website: None. Simple rooms w/ or w/out private bath or cable T.V. Cafeteria open for breakfast (7:30 a.m.) and has simple meals.

Where to Eat in Uyuni

Name: 16 de Julio
Address: Av. Arce N. 35 (Plaza Arce)
Website: None. Specialty is ‘carne de llama’ (llama meat). Also has lomo, asado and chicken.

Name: La Casa de Turista Mexican Pub
Address: Arce enfrente a la alcaldio (Plaza Arce)
Website: None. Gas heater for cold nights, pizza, pastas, burritos, tacos, nachos… great guacamole!

Name: Mercado Central (until 3 p.m.) or Street Vendors
Address: Central area on Av. Potosi
Website: None. Plate of meat, rice & veggies for under $3 USD at the market, many snacks under $2 USD from sidewalk stands.

Interactive Map of Uyuni

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Photograph by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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