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Tenedor Libre in South America

Tenedor Libre Restaurant in Buenos Aires

Tenedor Libre means ‘Get your free fork here’… right? Almost! It’s more like grab a fork and eat all you can! Tenedor Libre is an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, usually serving at lunch time from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. or so. Others may serve in the evening as well, just ask.

They are usually easy to find with a sign posted on the window “Tenedor Libre” or posted outside (like the restaurant above in Buenos Aires just off of Plaza 25 de Mayo on Carbonari street).

The buffet will include grilled meats (normally chicken and beef plus chorizo), huge salad bar with all the fixings you could ask for, hot vegetable dishes, potatoes and possibly a noodle dish.

At the Tendor Libre in Buenos Aires at Plaza 25 de Mayo there was in addition to all of the above Chinese noodles with vegetables dish on offer; yum and someone please pass the soy sauce! Price per person was 30 pesos ($7.10 USD).

Others may offer picada – a selection of deli meats, olives, cheeses and crackers or bread. Ethnic restaurants will provide a selection of International dishes such as the Tenedor Libre at the Japanese restaurant “Too Much” in Santiago, Chile (Avenida Providencia #2571).

Tenedor Libre Restaurants in Santiago, Chile

If traveling though the capital city Santiago on your adventures in Chile and need a huge meal at low cost… here is a list of restaurants that have tenedor libre: Tenedor Libre Restaurants in Santiago, Chile

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