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Tarabuco Sunday Market Travel Information

Yampura Woman Walking With Baby

Tarabuco market is the Sunday artisan market hosted by indigenous Yampura people in the town of Tarabuco, located approximately 65 km southeast of Sucre. It is a popular tourist attraction for visitors to Sucre and for buying locally crafted tapestries, bags, hats, sweaters and shawls.   Travel Guide to Sucre

To get an idea of what awaits your arrival and a close-up of the local population mingling with tourists in the town square, view the YouTube video posted below.

You can arrange transport through a tour agency or take a local bus but make sure you start your trip early as it takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours winding through the countryside to get there. By mid-afternoon the market slows considerably with local vendors starting to close-up shop.

There is a central square with basic restaurants to sit in the sunshine at a sidewalk table and enjoy the atmosphere as well as a few off-street locations to shop or sit and have a meal. There is a textile museum – Arte Indigenous – next to the square with items on display and for sale.

The town does have hostal accomodation but most travelers stay in Sucre. Sucre is one of our featured “Cheap Places to Live in South America“.   Read all about it here: Sucre, Bolivia – Cheap Place To Live.


Taking a Lunch Break at the Tarabuco Sunday Market

Local Yampura Women Chatting at the Waterfountain

Buy Your Bolsas (Bags in English) Here!

Hats, Scarves and Tapestries For Sale

Tourists Shopping at the Tarabuco Sunday Market

Looking Inside a Shop at Tarabuco

Walking With Donkeys on a Sidestreet in Tarabuco

Photographs & video by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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