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Tambo Hot Springs & Colca Lodge Hot Springs: Yanque, Peru

Sign From Road to Tambo - Hot Springs Down Below

Advertised heavily for the Colca Canyon area are the lovely Termas La Calera (La Calera Hot Springs in English) 10 minutes or so outside of Chivay. Travel Guide to Chivay

But another kid nearby… a bit rougher on the edges yet with natural, physical appeal as well is Tambo Hot Springs just 5 minutes from Yanque by car, 20 minute walk down a windy hill.

Unlike La Calera Hot Springs that are set right off the road in an outdoor setting, Tambo Hot Springs are located directly on the Colca River and aways off of the main road down a dusty, desert brush-lined trail then connected by a rope-entwined wood planked walking bridge over the river.

There is no restaurant, museum or showers at Tambo (La Calera has all three plus a small, ethnic museum) just changing rooms and a large glassed-in area with two, large, indoor hot tub-shaped pools filled during the busy months of June and July only. The three outdoor hot tubs are just a short walk away down a path and set right next to the flowing Colca River.

Tambo is open year-round from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. (you may very well have the whole facility to yourself) and until 8 p.m. during high-season winter months. The spring-fed pools are kept at a temperature of approximately 86 degrees F (30 degrees Celcius). The boiling hot water from the natural springs is held in a holding tank for 5-6 hours to cool and then pumped into the tubs: all natural.

The Colca Lodge Spa & Hot Spring Hotel is a bit further down this path, located just next door to Tambo but with private pools not open to the public unless you pay to visit for a day (see below).

Footbridge Over Colca River With Tambo Hot Springs Down Below

How to Get a Gourmet Lunch Plus Day Use of the Private Hot Springs at Colca Lodge Hotel for Only $22 USD

Did I mention they throw in the use of a towel and pamper you with a terry cloth robe to use for the day?

You can lounge around the grounds of this lovely riverside resort just 10 minutes by car from the town of Yanque surrounded by desert pasture-land (with grazing alpacas and llamas in view); have free use of the private, natural hot spring pools on site (adjoining a meandering Colca River) and be served a three-course gourmet lunch all for the price of 60 soles ($22.60 USD).

How? Just show-up and sign-in at the front desk. Your lunch will include a large fresh salad, 2-3 types of meat dishes with potatoes and vegetables plus a dessert (usually ice cream or fruit). For more information about the resort view their official website: Colca Lodge Spa & Hot Springs Hotel

Hot Tub at Tambo - Ready for You To Have a Soak!

Photographs by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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