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The South American continent is noted for its abundant adventure travel opportunities, as well as its very volatile political climate. As the 12 independent countries of this geographical region vie for greater atonomy and greater portions of the riches of the 21st century, news reporters have a never-ending sludge of rumors and facts to wade through for stories to share with interested readers.

Corner Newstand in Downtown Salta, Argentina

To stay informed, here are a few of the top news sources online who cover South America news, with a link to the website and brief description of each. Most of the below are ‘Web spider’ type of services that compile news articles from various sources on the Web and then serve them up on a South America News page.

Top South America News Online Outlets

  1. South America News – Topix – online news aggregator gathering articles from over 67,000 sources and covering more than 400,000 keyword topics. The link above takes you to their South America offerings.
  2. The Telegraph – world news section has extensive coverage of South America, and the stories are published on the site, not just links to other news sources.
  3. Yahoo! News – majority of stories taken off Associated Press wire but stories are printed on the site with related stories easy to find and has a decent selection of AP coverage.
  4. Washington Post – The Americas – same as NYT, the Washington Post is always a good source for news, South America being no exception. Many stories covered in-house by Washington Post reporters, not just reprinted from other news sources such as the AP.
  5. CNN – Latin America – as you would expect, a wide range of topics covered from various angles.

There is of course much cross-over between the sites above, with one aggregating a story or two you will see on another, but there is also much variety i.e. stories you find on one site will not be on one of the others South America news page.

Using the search box on the site itself (upper right corner) and entering in a specific key word of a subject you are interested in such as Argentina or FARC, etc. will give you a more focused set of results.

Photograph by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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