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These FREE online guides will help you choose where to live in South America and figure out how you are going to live there!   Researching fast-paced Argentina as a possible location? Living in Argentina Guide.

Capital of Argentina - Buenos Aires

Capital of Quito – San Francisco de Quito

Capital of Uruguay – Montevideo

Editor’s Note: Online travel guides with where to stay, eat & play are located here:
South America Travel Guides

Capital of Peru - Lima

How about a tranquil life in Uruguay? Living in Uruguay Guide

Daydreaming of a blissful existence in the natural paradise called Ecuador? Living in Ecuador Guide

Want to retire in low-cost Bolivia? Living in Bolivia Guide

A week in Cusco or Lima not enough time in Peru? Why not stay awhile? Living in Peru Guide

Each guide covers the following topics: How to Purchase Real Estate, How to Rent an Apartment, Crime & Safety, Travel Hot Spots (where you may want to travel to after relocating!), Country Facts & Figures, Holidays & Dates, Money, Police Emergency Information, Medical Emergency Information, Embassies of the USA, Canada, Australia & UK, Newspapers, Internet, Radio & T.V., Visas & Fees, Country Profile and Transportation.

Capital of Colombia – Bogotá

The basics of what you need to know to travel extensively or live for an extended period of time in the country.

Click on an image to go to the capital city of that country or view a list of countries in South America and their respective capital cities – with links to Online Travel Guides by clicking here:   Capital Cities in South America

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Capital of Brazil - Brasilia

Capital of Chile - Santiago

Capital of Bolivia - Sucre

If you like watching short, YouTube videos of areas you may want to visit, check out South America Living on YouTube – a Virtual Vid Directory of South America up close & personal!

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