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Ski Resorts in South America

American Tourists Venture to Chile For Some Fun in the Snow

Grab your gloves and booties… it is wintertime (June-Sept) in the Southern Hemisphere!

You can play in the snow and hike white-capped mountains in quite a few choice locations including Bolivia (Chacaltaya), Brazil (São José dos Ausentes & other southern areas) and Venezuela (Merida city & Pico Bolivar). The main action, however, is in Argentina and Chile.

Argentina claims home to 9 resorts, while Chile can brag about over 18 separate locations. The resorts are easy to find and get to… especially in Chile where you have Valle Nevado Ski Resort and El Colorado less than an hour from capital city Santiago. When booking your flight, using a flight search engine is one way to find discounted airfare to South America.       Cheap Places to Ski & Snowboard

Fun South American Ski Slopes Trivia (see below for answers)

1. What country had the first rope tow in South America and the northernmost ski slope, now defunct due to a melted glacier? 2. What country has only one ski resort, the largest in South America made of artificial snow? 3. Where is South America’s only “true snow cat resort” located?

Note: click on the link to go to either the resort’s official website or a page with detailed information such as location, how to get there, prices, ski rental, hotels, etc.

Ski Resorts in Argentina

Abandoned Chacaltaya Ski Resort (Closed 2009) in Bolivia

Ski Resorts in Chile

Answers to Trivia questions:
1. Bolivia (Chacaltaya) 2. Brazil (Ski Mountain Park) 3. Chile (Valle el Arpa)

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