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Sex in South America – Read all About It!

Yes, the same as the rest of the world, sex happens in South America. When, where and with whom is none of our business, but sexual mores and stereotypes for this area of the world are interesting to think about. Don’t you think?       Map of South America

String Bikini on Tatooed Chica!

What country is the sexiest? Now that is an answer I may not want to ponder (so I can still go for a visit) as what country in their right mind would not want to be the sexiest? Sleek, appealing, ready and willing to satisfy… hmmm, I am going to have to go with Brazil.

Maybe that’s not very fair as it’s such a large country and diverse culture of course some of it is sexy. Yet it’s the string bikinis and ‘Brazilian wax’ (body parts to not be mentioned here) that really sets it apart.

As well, my choice is based more on the ‘perception’ of what goes on culturally not necessarily what actually does. For those stats we would need to consult a public health professional of some sort. Or maybe survey a few nightclub owners…

What we are talking about here is the general run-down. What is considered ‘OK’ in a country? What countries allow same-sex marriages, for example. If I was gay (which I’m not), I’d find that very sexy and want to visit Uruguay, Argentina or Brazil with my partner.

And since we are talking about the “S” word (you read the article title didn’t you?), what about culturally accepted practices for bedroom (or where have you) fun? Is it socially acceptable to hold hands or make-out in public in Argentina? It is! Or at least had better be as I saw quite a bit of that (youngsters mainly) when living there for nine months.

Do you commonly see that in Peru? Not so much. Maybe it’s the Catholic influence, or simply that traditions passed on through the generations aren’t of a liberal nature.

Where is the liberal nature active and functioning fully? Well, if we are talking about sex that doesn’t need to be guessed about but is guaranteed action going on and known by all i.e. legalized prostitution – you need to head to Colombia. If that’s the name of your sexual game you could also visit Bolivia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, or Venezuela. Prostitution is legal yet regulated to varying degrees in each of these countries.

OK sexies, start packing those suitcases. South America awaits!

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