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Corcovado River & Fly Fishing in Patagonia

Corcovado River - Río Corcovado

The Corcovado River (Río Corcovado in Spanish) casts a line, and possibly a bit of a fishy-smelling spell, into the hearts of fly fishing enthusiasts from all over the world.

Running approximately sixty miles through Southern Patagonia in Argentina near the border with Chile the river originates from Lago Vinte and flows into the Bay of Corcovado.

The best fishing is in the upper Corcovado & the best time to catch your trophy brook trout (large) is the end of the season (March & April) Rainbow and brown trout are caught year-round in the river.

River Rafting & Fly Fishing Adventure Company

River Rafting & Fly Fishing Adventure Company

Also present in the upper Corcovado to bring home or throw back are huge rainbows during spawning season. Pacific Chinook Salmon run occurs in November and December. During the summer season – December & January – the catch is average size.

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