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Photos & Video – The Fish Market at Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Fileting Fish at the Puerto Lopez Fish Market

A few photographs and a video of the fish market in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. Facing the water you look to the left and can see a dock plus a couple of restaurants, and a LOT of fishing boats. That’s the place to go check out if you like to see fishermen in action selling whatever they pulled-up that morning, and can have a cheap meal sitting amongst the locals also.

This video is of the beach, and then I took a short walk to the fish market to let you see some of the action up close and personal… to prepare for your upcoming visit 🙂



Fishing Boats on the Beach at the Fish Market

Park Your Bike - or Fishing Boat! - Here

One of the Many Restuarants That Serve Up Cheap Meals at the Fish Market

Getting the Catch Ready for Sale

One of the Many Items on Sale That Day

Photographs (except of fishing boats and weighing fish) & video by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.
Photographs of fishing boats and weighing fish by Jena Davison, all rights reserved.

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