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Photos & Video – Markets in Tupiza, Bolivia

Saturday Afternoon Outside the Main Market (Mercado Antonio Gilduran)

It is easy to figure out the main local attraction in Tupiza, Bolivia – Mercado Antonio Gilduran. Smack in the center of town encompassing a block in each direction with hostals and tourist restaurants across the street and within a block.

This is where you will go to buy fresh fruits, veggies, meat and to have the cheapest meal in town i.e. the food court on the upper level that is open for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

To view a video of the market (cut short as the local Quechua indigenous community does not like to be photographed… at all!) view this:

For where to stay, eat & what to do in Tupiza read: Travel Guide to Tupiza, Bolivia

A few blocks from Mercado Antonio Gilduran south on Avenida Chichas is Mercado Central – an indoor clothing, electronics and ‘any other thing you can think of buying’ market. Just past the train station open on Thursdays and Saturdays is an outdoor street market – primarily selling clothing and household items. Fun for the atmosphere.

Street Market That Starts in Front of the Train Station

Looking From Upper to Lower Level of Mercado Antonio Gilduran

Buy Your Licorice Here!

Common Fruits & Veggies Selection

Lunch Time! Upper Level of Mercado Antonio Gilduran

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Photographs & video by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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