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Getting to Cabo Polonio via 4X4 Truck Or Horseback!

Your Transport To Cabo Polonio! Type of Vehicle You Will Ride in.

Visiting the Atlantic coast of Uruguay and heard about the spectacularly scenic, remote town of Cabo Polonio and its famous sea lion colony? Heard you can´t drive there, or take a direct bus? Heard you can take horses into the town or ride a 4X4 through the sand dunes to get there? Well, its all true.

Photos of Cabo Polonio

This video – shot via the 4X4 just after departure from the highway drop-off point – will show you what the trip and surrounding scenery is like!   Video of Cabo Polonio via 4X4 Truck Transport

Why Do They Use 4X4 Trucks for Transport? Try Driving a Car Through 7 km (4.5 Miles) of This & Good luck!

Watch the video to see what is instore for you when you get off the bus (or out of your car) next to the highway and buy your ticket to be transported via 4X4 truck (with a bunch of other tourists!) through the sand dunes to the remote town of Cabo Polonio, Uruguay. The trip is approximately 7 km (4.5 Miles) and takes 30 to 40 minutes.

The truck seems to be moving at a fairly decent speed – and smoothly – but that is only because the film is shot from the highway into the entry to Cabo Polonio National Park. Once you get closer to town the sand dune tracks seem to deepen making progress much slower and bumps will get you sitting in your seat fairly quickly if, like this author, you happened to be standing up while taking photos and vids!

Want to ride a horse instead? You can – these gauchos (cowboys in English) are at the ready to take you on a ride (see photos below), wherever you may want to go.   Cowboys at Cabo Polonio

Cabo Polonio Gaucho at Entrance off of Highway

Gauchos Drinking Cerveza, er... Celebrating a Friend´s Birthday! At Least That is What They Said...

Young Cabo Polonio Gaucho Helping Take Care of Horses

Had an Awesome Day or Weekend & Need to Head Back Home? Waiting for the Bus Across the Highway at Entrance to Cabo Polonio.

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Photographs and video by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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