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Photos & Video – Cabo Polonio Sea Lion Colony

Guy or Gal Member of Cabo Polonio´s Sea Lion Colony

If you are familiar with Cabo Polonio – the popular remote beach town on Uruguay´s Atlantic coast – you most likely have heard of their famous sea lion colony as well.   Photos – The Town of Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

Spot the lighthouse in town then walk towards it. Set below massive formed ‘boulders’ of rock, you can sit above the colony and watch them from a safe distance while not disturbing their natural habitat. To get a glimpse of what its like watch this YouTube Video – Sea Lion Colony at Cabo Polonio:


Cabo Polonio Sea Lion Colony

Cabo Polonio Sea Lion Colony

Sea Lions in the Sea at Cabo Polonio

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Photographs and video by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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