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Photos – Chivay, Peru & La Calera Hot Springs

The small town of Chivay is the first stop (and a primary tourist town) for visits to the Colca Canyon via Arequipa, Peru. Here are a few photographs of what it is like, including a couple photos of La Calera Hot Springs nearby.   For where to stay, eat and things to do view: Travel Guide to Chivay

Alpaca and 3 Month Old Baby Llama Sitting with Peruvian Mother and Daughter

One of the Outdoor Pools at La Calera Hot Springs Just 10 Minutes From Chivay

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie... Best Buddies on the Streets of Chivay

Fountain at Plaza de Armas - The Main Plaza in Town of Chivay

El Ojo del Agua Milagrosa (The Eye of the Miracle Water in English) at La Calera

A Local Plying His Trade As a Metal Worker in Chivay

Sweet Group of Ladies with Baby in the Plaza Who Made Me Pay a Mint For This Photo (1 Sole Each)!

Photographs by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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