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Photos – The Town of Uyuni, Bolivia

Metal Sculpture Outside the Train Station. Plenty of Scrap Metal in Uyuni - Be Sure to Visit the Train Cemetery (Cementerio de Trenes in Spanish) and Get Your Fill

Photographs of the ‘gateway town’ to the Salar de Uyuni – the town of Uyuni. Small and compact, Uyuni is the primary tourist center for tours to the salar, with one, two and three day tours on offer at almost every street corner.

Need to know where to stay, eat and what to do? Is there good Mexican food for the taking in Uyuni (a rarity for a small town in Bolivia)?   Read our Travel Guide to Uyuni, Bolivia to find out.

Trains (Expresso del Sur & Wara Wara del Sur) depart from Uyuni to Tupiza, Oruro, Villazon and Atocha.

For schedule information see the train schedule photograph below.

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Selling Fruits & Veggies Inside Mercado Central

Selling Pan (Bread in English) Outside Mercado Central

Items for Sale at a Tienda Near Mercado Antofagasta

Upper Level Cafeteria at Mercado Central - What's For Breakfast!

Early Morning at Plaza Arce

El Reloj (The Clock) Fronting Plaza Arce

Cementerio de Trenes (Train Cemetery in English)

Unspayed Female and Her Many Suitors on the Streets of Uyuni

Locals Enjoying a Hearty Breakfast From One of the Many Street Vendors

Local Police Getting Ready for the Troublemakers of the Day

Train Schedule Outside the Uyuni Train Station

Photographs – except Cementerio de Trenes – by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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