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Photos – Sucre, Bolivia

Always Something Going on in Sucre - Even the Occasional Clown Handing out Flyers.

Some photographs of the lovely capital city of Bolivia – Sucre. For information on places to stay, where to eat and what to do view: Travel Guide to Sucre.

There are three main markets in Sucre, for information plus photographs and videos view:   Markets in Sucre, Bolivia.

There are two grocery stores in Sucre – one has a large selection of gourmet imported products and one has a movie theater and parking garage attached. To find out which is which view: Grocery Shopping in Sucre, Bolivia .

Traveling through Bolivia on a whirlwind adventure and want ideas on where to visit? Bolivia Travel Destination & Travel Guides

San Francisco Xavier University

Courtyard of Casa de la Cultura

Getting Oranges Fresh off the Truck Near Mercado Campesino

View From Cafe Gourmet Mirador at Recoleta Viewpoint

Tourists from Germany Enjoying the View

View to the Street Below from Dinosaur Park

Indigenous Community Blockading Road in Protest of Lack of Work in the Campesinos.

A Tiny Section of Gigantic Mercado Central (Main Market)

Sidewalk Vendor Playing the Charanga

Selling Clothes on the Street in Sucre

Chocolates Para Ti - Store at Plaza 25 de Mayo

Photographs by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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