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Photos – Montañita, Olon, Ayampe & Manglaralto in Ecuador

A few photographs of the popular (and crazy!) surf town Montañita in Southern Ecuador plus a few small beach towns that are near it: Olon, Ayampe & Manglaralto.

Jamming at the Bier House in Montañita. Believe it or not, He Can Play with his Mouth as well!

The Beach at Olon, Just 10 Minutes From Montañita. Has Hostels and Beachfront Restaurants Plus Surfing.

Bar on the Beach in Manglaralto - 10 Minutes From Montañita (Towards Guayaquil)

Parasailing in Montañita

Watermelons Picked and Ready to be Sold, Across the Street From the Beach at Ayampe (half hour from Montañita)

Lazy Day at the Beach in Montañita

Photographs by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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