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Photos – Iguazu Falls & National Park

Rainbow Over the Falls on Upper Trail

The magnificent waterfalls at Iguazu National Park – a South American site not to be missed! The waterfalls (“cataratas” in Spanish) can be entered via Puerto Iguazú, Argentina or Foz de Iguazu (“Foz do Iguaçu” in Portuguese) in Brazil.

An online travel guide to both towns that includes places to stay & where to eat for all budget levels can be found here: Travel Guide to Iguazu Falls

Want to take a walk along the path on the upper and lower circuits and view the falls up close & personal? Videos of Iguazu Falls.   To view a video of the Museum at the Tourist Information Center (Puerto Iguazú) simply scroll to the bottom of this page. Cheers.

Rainbow Across the Upper Circuit Falls

Caiman On the River Viewed When Taking a Boat Tour

Caiman On the River Viewed When Taking a Boat Tour

Coati Seen Along a Walking Trail. These Small Mammals Show Up at the Rest Stations at Lunchtime and Will Devour Your Food If You're Not Vigilant!

Turtle Viewed When Walking on Bridge over River to Devil's Throat. Fish, Caiman, Otter and Other Creatures Can Be Seen.

Friendly Mariposa (Butterfly in Spanish) - Swarms of These Beautiful Creatures are in Many Locations Throughout the Park

The Largest Cataract In The Park - Garganta del Diablo or Devil's Throat

Waterfall Flowing Into the Iguazú River

Falls on Argentina Side Viewed From Afar


YouTube Video of Museum at the Tourist Information Center


Photograph of Caiman by Gulliver & Godiva, all rights reserved.
Top two photographs of Rainbows over Lower Circuit Falls and of the Coati by Blake McHugh, all rights reserved.
Photographs of Turtle, Butterfly and Devil’s Throat & video by Molly McHugh, all rights reserved.

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