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Los Alerces National Park in Patagonia

Los Alerces National Park in Patagonia & Alerce Tree

Los Alerces National Park in Patagonia & Alerce Tree

The 650,000-acre Los Alerces National Park in the western Chubut province region of southern Patagonia was established in 1937. The most famous attraction at the park is its namesake – the Alerce tree, some of which are 3000 years old. The forest grounds are also home to species of southern beech, lenga, cedar, cypress and bamboo.

The park contains lakes (Lake Menendez and others) mountains, marshes, water mirrors, rivers and streams. Wildlife roaming within park boundaries include: huemul deer, grey wolves, minature puda deer, zorzal & black Patagonian carpenter birds as well as huiña cat (a spotted wild cat and smallest cat of the Valdivian forest).

There are two archeological sites in the park, both alongside the River Desaguadero – Alero del Shamán and the Interpretation Path – with rock paintings created by the indigenous hunter-gatherer tribes.

Tours to the park can be arranged by eco-outfitters Patagonia Verde in the town of Esquel, Argentina.

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