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Renting an Apartment or House in Uruguay

Rental House Converted Into a Hostal in La Paloma

Depending on where you are looking and when, it can be easy or difficult to rent an apartment or house in Uruguay.

Some locations such as the larger metropolitan areas Montevideo and Salto will have an abundance of options, others such as Colonia del Sacramento will have few properties available.

Note: If interesed in buying property read:  How To Buy Real Estate in Uruguay

Also in consideration is the time of year you are looking. Want to rent in one of the Atlantic coastal towns such as Punta del Este, La Paloma, Aqua Dulce or Punta del Diablo and beginning your search in December? Good luck. Unless you are on an unlimited budget, the price is going to be prohibitive and that is if you can find an available rental.

Summer season December to March is when most folks in these areas make their money for the entire year. Homes and apartments are rented by the day or ‘quincena’ (fortnight in English) – a period of 15 days – to the hoardes of toursits that pass through and they charge exorbitant prices. If you have a spare $3000 USD + to add to your rental budget for the year, no problem. If not, look for properties during the winter, or after summer season ends in April.

Cozy Private Backyard & Garden of Rental

Now that you have found a roof to put over your head in your desired location, you will most likely be asked to pay a ‘guarantee‘ at the time of signing your contract.

Normally this is a deposit of three months rent – or four – and is held in-trust by a third party such as an escribano (public notary). The money is returned when your rental year has ended and key returned to the home owner.

If you want to experience Uruguay outside of the high-tourist summer season you will have numerous options for rentals, and possibly be able to rent without paying a guarantee. However, you will need to vacate the property by mid-December at the latest, so the owner can play the ‘get all the cash you can’ summer game.

Many prefer this option not only for the lower rental costs, but to avoid the crazy rush of primarily Argentinian, Brazilian and Uruguayan travelers who descend upon a town or city. As well, Spring and Fall are lovely in Uruguay and the beaches practically vacant.

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