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Media in Uruguay: Newspapers, Internet, Radio & T.V.

Media is alive and well in Uruguay. The Uruguayan constitution guarantees a free press and freedom of speech. There are over 75 private newspapers, more than 100 radio stations and around 26 T.V. channels in the country (in addition to a multitude of available Cable channels).

A group of Murga (traditional Uruguayan carnival street musicians) performing at the inauguration of president Tabaré Vázquez in Montevideo (March 2005)


There are no English-language news publications in Uruguay. Uruguay Daily (UDN) (2007 – 2010) that published news digests in English has just closed its electronic doors permanently due to lack of continued funding.

For news information in English search the Internet for International news outlets and local websites covering current events. A few examples are (click on link to view articles): (Uruguay), New York Times (Uruguay) and Yahoo! News (Uruguay).

The following are online news publications in Spanish:,, and

Additional newspapers in Uruguay (Spanish-only) include: Semanario AREQUITA, Minas Uruguay, Diario Oficial, El País, El Pueblo del Salto, El Telégrafo, La República21, Realidad Semanal and República.


Internet cafés, as would be expected, are everywhere. The cost per hour is approximately $1 plus, depending on the location. Prices are higher in urban areas than small towns. Rural areas may or may not have service. DSL or cable Internet service to an aparment or house is approximately $20 USD per month.

Radio & T.V.

The following is a list of popular radio stations in Uruguay: 98.7 FM Diamante, 101.9 FM Azul, 103.5 FM Aspen Punta del Este, 550 AM Radio Colonia, 850 AM Carve.

Cable TV channels are available in English and Spanish. Most bars and casual restaurants have one television or more running 24/7 (all day long). A basic cable package (monthly service $30 USD) will come with a few English-language channels such as, CineCanal, FX, The FilmZone, and LIV.

To get CNN in English and additional English-language movie, sports and program channels you will need to puchase an upgrade – costing approximately $50 USD and up per month.

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