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Medical Emergency Information for Uruguay

Hospital de Clínicas in Montevideo

Hospital de Clinicas (Hospital of Clinics in English) or “Dr. Manuel Quintela” is a public hospital and research facility for the University of the Republic – Uruguay´s largest public university.

The University of the Republic houses the Colleges of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Odontology and Psychology as well as the Schools of Medical Technology and Obstetrics. If your health care provider was trained in Uruguay, this is most likely where he or she obtained their qualifications.

When receiving medical care in Uruguay you will have nominal fees if being treated at a public hospital such as Hospital Maciel or Hospital Saint Bois but will be expected to pay the full amount of care if you recieve treatment at a private facility such as the British Hospital (Hospital Británico in Spanish).

Emergency Services For Children in Salto

Residents of Uruguay
can purchase private health insurance offered by facilities (if you become ill you are treated only at that facility) such as the “British Hospital Scheme” offered by the British Hospital. Monthly fees range from $60 to $80 USD and up.

Visits to a clinic in Uruguay will cost around $20 USD, $50 USD or more if seeing a specialist. Ambulance transport costs run around $300 USD and up.

In the event of an emergency situation while visiting or living in Montevideo that requires police, fire or medical intervention dial 911.

If living or visiting other areas of the country outside of Montevideo dial 02-911. You will be put through to a dispatcher who may be able to contact local services in the area for you or offer other assistance. Your other option is to go directly to the local police station or medical clinic.

For more information read: Living in Uruguay – Police Emergency Information

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