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Visas & Fees for Peru

There are no visa fees in place for American, Canadian, Australian or British visitors to Peru. When you enter the country you will be given a Tourist Visa (stamp in your passport) that is valid for 30, 60, 90 or 183 days. As with all countries in South America, make sure your passport is not going to expire in 90 days or more or you may be denied entry.

Coat of Arms of Peru. There are Two Types: 'Escudo Nacional' with Flags Flanking the Shield and 'Escudo de Armas' with a Wreath Around it and No Flags. Escudo is the Spanish word for Shield.

Note: Embassy contact & emergency assistance information: Living in Peru – Embassies of the USA, Canada, Australia & UK.

When arriving in Peru you will be given a 30, 60, 90 or 183 day visa. It is up to you to request the appropriate amount of time for your stay i.e. if you want to visit Peru for three months or longer, make sure you request a 183 day stamp from the Immigration officer granting you entry.

Note: As of July, 2008 it is not possible to extend your visa once you are in Peru. Make sure you get the time stamp needed when entering.

Maximum stay in the country on a Tourist Visa in any given year is 183 days. You can, however, leave the country and then re-enter again and get a new 183 day – or 90 or 30 – day visa stamp. In other countries, such as Bolivia and Ecuador, this is not possible.

If you are in the country past the time of your visa you will have to pay a fee when you leave the country of approximately $1 USD per day of your overstay.

You may be asked for ‘proof of onward travel’ such as a return plane ticket or bus ticket out of the country. If you do not have a ticket yet and like many South America travelers don’t have set plans, just be as polite as possible and say you are going to buy your ticket from a travel agent in Peru, that you are not sure where you want to travel to next.

Departure Tax

If you are flying out of Peru via the Lima International Airport you will need to pay a departure of $31 USD per person. If you are flying domestically within Peru it is only $6 USD.

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