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Holidays & Dates in Peru

A list of public holidays in Peru. The Spanish name is in parenthesis. The extent of which normal buisness operations will be affected depends on where you are living or traveling. Also below are additional days of celebration (such as Carnival).     Map of Peru

Male Rupicola Peruviana or 'Cock of the Rock' - National Bird of Peru

  • New Year’s Day (Día de Año Nuevo) – January 1st
  • Maundy/Holy Thursday (Jueves Santo) – March/April
  • Good Friday (Viernes Santo) – March/April
  • Easter Day (Domingo Santo or Pascua) – April/May
  • Labor Day or “International Worker’s Day (Día del Trabajo) – May 1st
  • St Peter’s and St Paul’s Day (Día de San Pedro y San Pablo) – June 29th
  • Independence Day Celebrations (Día de la Independencia) – July 28-29th
  • St Rosa of Lima Day (Día de Santa Rosa de Lima) – August 30th
  • Angamos Battle (Combate de Angamos) – October 8th
  • All Saints’ Day (Día de Todos los Santos) – November 1st
  • Immaculate Conception (Inmaculada Concepción) – December 8th
  • Christmas Eve (Nochebuena) – December 24th
  • Christmas Day (Día de Navidad) – December 25th
  • New Year’s Eve (Día de Año Viejo) – December 31st

Additional Festivals and Days of Celebration

  • Entrega de Varas (Pre-hispanic festival naming the ‘highest authority’ or elder in a community for the following year) – January 1st
  • Arrival of the Three Wise Men (La Bajada de los Reyes) – January 6th
  • Peruvian Carnival – End of February/March
  • Inti Raymi (Inca festival worshipping the Sun God Inti) – June (summer solstice)

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