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Thinking of taking a trip to Peru? Maybe live there for a bit? Read what it may be like from folks who have been there, and are kind enough to share their stories.       Map of Peru       Map of Lima

Streets of Lima Blog

Streets of Lima Blog – if you will be traveling through the capital city Lima during your trip to Peru, this is a blog to check-out beforehand. Info on what to do & what it’s like, from a guy from the U.S. who has traveled there over the span of 8 years and married a Peruvian.

Tip: Marrying a local, is a great way to get the inside scoop on a location 🙂

Many posts are short & sweet, some with only a photo and brief description but wade through the archives to gain an insider’s perspective on the lovely city of Lima.

The Biegert’s Blog – a diary-type blog about a couple’s adventures as missionaries in Peru with BCM International. See how things take shape as they work on goals such as homeschooling local children (in English), building churches and other charity work.

Note: If you happen to share their strong Christian faith there is a ‘prayer request’ section on the website.

Peruadele’s Blog – “Spontaneous Thoughts on Life, Love and Peru”. We needed to shake things up a bit on this page – thanks Adele! Adele is a woman who prefers to be called “Being of Love” more than any other characterization. Her writing is beautiful, soulful and inspiring – focusing on issues of the heart and soul, that many could find nuggets of wisdom, hope and healing in.

If you are frustrated with your travels in Peru, your life, or simply a happy-go-lucky type who wants to put spiritual growth at the top of your agenda, read the blog and sign-up for the RSS feed. You most likely will be grateful in the future that you did.

Teach Me About Birdwatching! – you guessed it! A blog with information and tips to help those with the desire to birdwatch but little know-how. If you love birds, you will enjoy browsing through the posts to see photographs and info on all types of the critters. Good bird-related links list also.

Malarkey in Peru – not just a bunch of ‘malarky’ (and don’t you repeat that… it could be considered offensive…) but down-to-earth posts about traveling, bicycling and learning Spanish in and around Peru (some posts from Spain) by a guy (married with three daughters) from the UK.

His current entry is a photo-journal type article about traveling the Colca Canyon. Describes the adventure well and provides many beautiful photographs to boot.

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