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Visas & Fees for Ecuador

Nationals of the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK do not need a Visa to travel to Ecuador – you are given a 30, 60 or 90 day Tourist Visa (the stamp in your passport) when entering the country via land or air. You do, however, need to have a passport that is valid for at least six months from the time you arrive.

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Note: Make sure you are given the full 90 day visa upon entering the country if you intend to stay that long.

You may stay in the country for a maximum of 180 days in a year on a Tourist Visa. For an extension up to 90 additional days you must apply in person at an Immigration office, or leave the country and re-enter, paying at the border crossing. Immigration offices are in Quito (north) and the city of Guayaquil in the south. Cost for an extension is $230 USD plus a $50 consular fee when applying through an Immigration office, subject to change.

Note: Embassy contact & emergency assistance information: Living in Ecuador – Embassies of the USA, Canada, Australia & UK.

Do not overstay your Tourist Visa! If you do you will need to leave the country and not be allowed to re-enter for a year. After 180 days in any given year you must leave the country. You are only allowed 180 days maximum per year on a Tourist Visa. If in the country illegally past this time and caught by the authorities, you can be fined and forced to leave. The fine can be up to $2000 USD.

You can apply for a 6-month Tourist Visa before you leave on your trip at the Ecuadorian Embassy in your home country (click here for Embassy of Ecuador in USA, Canada, Australia & UK contact information & links to websites). The 6-month visa is now called a “Commercial Act Visa” and costs $230 USD. There is a $30 application fee and a one time $40 fee for the proof of income letter they write (in Spanish). The proof of income letter verifies that you meet the income requirements – approximately $600 USD per month, subject to change.

You must have a 6-month visa (or “Commercial Act Visa”) to apply for an Ecuador Residency Visa.

You do not need to become a resident in order to purchase property in Ecuador. More information and how to buy real estate is located here: Living in Ecuador – Purchasing Real Estate.

If you purchase a property for $25,000 USD or more you are considered an investor in the country and will automatically be granted a Residency Visa after completing the required paperwork.

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