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Media in Ecuador: Newspapers, Internet, Radio & T.V.

Mono (Monkey) in Ecuador

With an indigineous community of Indians and Mestizos (Indian with Caucasian ancestry) comprising an approximate 80% of the population in Ecuador it should come as no surprise that media has an indigenous-bent as well. Some rural radio stations – there are hundreds in the country – broadcast in indigenous languages.


Liberal media is kept in check by a law (that can be widely interpretated) making defamation a criminal offence punishable up to three years in prison. International news publications may be more objective in reporting political events and issues dealing with the military in Ecuador.

A few International news outlets that cover Ecuador are: New York Times (Ecuador), Reuters (Ecuador) and Yahoo! News Ecuador.

Online Spanish-language Ecuadorian newspapers – also called “diarios” include: El Comercio, La Hora, El Mercurio, Expreso, El Universo, and Hoy Online.

Centro Histórico (Historic Center) in Quito at Night


Internet service is available throughout Ecuador (WiFi, DSL & cable), though in outlying areas – including popular tourist destinations – may not be available or the bandwidth may be limited making it difficult for business communications.

Telecommunications infrastructure and service varies throughout Ecuador, with both private and governmental companies providing service. Home cable service is approximately $45 USD per month ($60 USD for WiFi) and service at an Internet cafe it is around $1.50 USD per hour.

Intercom-Ecuanex is a non-profit Internet provider (founded in 1990) that works for the democratization of telecommunications in the country and to facilitate exchange between between organizations working in the development field.

Radio & T.V.

There are hundreds of radio stations in Ecuador – it is the most prevalent type of media in the country. Popular privately owned (Spanish-language only) stations include: TC Television, Ecuavisa, Telesistema, Gamavision, Teleamazonas and ETV Telerama.

There are four national television networks in Ecuador that cover a wide-range of topics and news items of interest throughout the country: Ecuavisa, Gamavision, Teleamazonas and Telecentro (TC).

Local coverage is high-quality and comprehensive, but selective to the area from which it is broadcast. The main local stations/channels are: Televisora Nacional (Quito), Canal 13 Quito (Quito), TBN Ecuador (Guayaquil/Quito), Telecuenca (Cuenca), Ecuatoriana de TV (Guayaquil), Canal 4 (Guayaquil), TV Cubana / Canal 6 (Esmeraldes), and Manavision that is broadcast from Portoviejo.

For channels in English and International coverage – TVCable is one service provider offering cable TV (as well as broadband and Internet) in the following cities: Ambato, Cuenca, Guayaquil, Ibarra, La Libertad, Loja, Machala, Manta, Portoviejo , Quito, Riobamba, Salinas, and Tulcán.

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Photograph at top of page of Ecuadorian monkey by Andrea Albán Báez

Photograph of Quito’s Historic Center at night by Dr. Carlos Costales Terán

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