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Holidays & Dates in Ecuador

A list of public holidays in Ecuador. The Spanish name is in parenthesis. Following the list of public holidays are additional days of celebration that occur in various areas of the country.     Map of Ecuador

Mariposa (Butterfly) in Ecuador

  • New Year’s Day (Día de Año Nuevo) – January 1st
  • Maundy Thursday (Jueves Santo) – March/April
  • Good Friday (Viernes Santo) – March/April
  • International Workers’ Day (Día del Trabajo) – May 1st
  • The Battle of Pichincha (Batalla del Pichincha) – May 24th
  • The Birthday of Simón Bolivar (El Natalicio de Simón Bolivar) – July 24th
  • Declaration of Independence of Quito (Día del Primer Grito de Independencia de Quito) – August 10th
  • Independence of Guayaquil (Independencia de Guayaquil) – October 9th
  • All Souls’ Day (Día de Muertos) – November 2nd
  • Independence of Cuenca (Independencia de Cuenca) – November 3rd
  • Foundation of Quito (“Día de Quito”) – December 6th
  • Christmas Day (Día de Navidad) – December 25th
  • New Year’s Eve (Día de Año Viejo) – December 31st

Additional Days of Celebration:

  • King’s Day – January 6th
  • Virgin of the Charity’s Day (Ibarra) – February 1st
  • Discovery of the Amazon river – February 12th
  • Battle of Tarqui (a war that Ecuador won against Peru in 1829) – February 27th
  • Carnival – Four crazy days in February

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