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Blogs by cool folks who live in or are relocating to Ecuador. Thinking of moving there as well? Get your FREE online Living in Ecuador Guide.

Life at Latitude Zero Blog

Life at Latitude Zero – with this quote by comedian Jon Stewart, “Sanity has always been in the eye of the beholder” front and center on the blog splash page you can get a general idea of the posts to follow by a University professor from the U.S. and his wife who contributes, “When she feels like it” (visualize photo of said person lounging in a hammock…). The couple are building a home in Coco Beach Village – an ecologically friendly, waterfront development near the small town of El Matal in Manabi province.

Bear Mills – blogspot blog by an ex-history teacher and Fulbright Memorial Teacher Scholar (that impresses me!) from the U.S. who has just finished a mystery novel set in Ecuador: Ecuadorian Deception. Very cool.

He writes about what it is like to live there, and covers some of the basics such as “Playing Post Office in Ecuador” and “You’re Moving Where…? What’s a Cuenca?” – the place where his mother-in-law lives. If you are going to move to Ecuador, why not bring the whole family :)

Everyday Musings From Across the Equator – great, travel-oriented blog by a gal who lives in Quito and has been traveling around Ecuador since 2009. Excellent photographs of each place she travels to accompanies each post, worth the click (to get from this page to her blog) in and of itself. Enjoy.

George in Ecuador – George in Ecuador may be the curious type but there’s no monkeying-around on this blog. An American expat from Southern California who now lives in and writes about Cuenca, Ecuador tells it like it is with posts titled “Life in Ecuador – The Good… The Bad… The Ugly” and “Does the term Expat mean Unpatriotic?” as well as information on moving to Ecuador, cost of living and what it’s like once you get there.

He’s just starting out but me thinks has much more on the way of value to those interested in the country and in moving to Cuenca.

The Ecuador Gringo – guy from the U.S. with a literature degree from Berkely who is now living in Quito, spending “most days in the Pub tapping away”. That means posting interesting information about living and traveling in Ecuador for you – you lucky duck – to read.

The Ecuador Chronicles Blog – fun write-ups by a pair of four (two couples) from the USA on their move to Cuenca. Includes info on their “renovating a ruin” project with photos and updates as construction progresses.

Our Ecuador – a photographer/journalist and author living their retirement while raising a four-year-old… shouldn´t there be an oxymoron in there somewhere? :) Located in Cuenca, Ecuador they share tips on day to day living, unexpected surprises and photos.

Ecuador4U Blog - an expat in Cotacachi (relocation hot spot just two hours from Quito) who shares his day to day experiences and offers helpful advice such as a recent post describing a dentist visit which included work completed, cost of care and contact info for the health provider.

Posts cover a range of topics including a building project, climbing mountains, cost of living and what life’s like living in Ecuador.

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    Would love to have my blog included on your sight. It a hilarious adventure of us moving to Ecuador.
    Thank you.

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  7. Dave says:

    Thank you Molly..We appreciate it very much. By the way are you interested in doing some guest blogging with me on my blog, Retiring in Ecuador?

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    • Molly McHugh says:

      Awww, thanks for the nice comment! Your stuck with me for now :) I love working on the site and keeping things going plus adding new valuable content (check out our new ‘expat interview’ series) but we’ve moved back to the U.S. and could use the cash, it’s more expensive here! I’ve had a couple offers but they were too low to consider… and all were by fellow travel writers/bloggers who had an interest in continuing the site – but I’m sure a new person would add much of value also as everyone brings something new and fresh to the table, I just want someone to take it over who is actually living and traveling on the continent!

      I’ll still write about SA, and travel there if I get press trips, even after it sells, but for magazine/newspaper publications. Cheers, Molly

  9. Josh Parker says:

    Hi there,

    It’d be great to have our travel blog included – the story of two young ex-pats moving to Cuenca in search of a different pace of life. We teach at CEDEI in Cuenca and have had some great adventures over our first year here. More to come!

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    • Molly McHugh says:

      Hi Josh and thanks for the note – will definitely get your blog up, very nicely done with lots of great info. cheers and best of luck in Ecuador, Molly

  10. Michael says:

    Thank you for the resources.

    Commenting from Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador!

  11. Angie says:

    We have several families traveling to Manta Ecuador for three week this summer for missionary work. We are on a budget and while we want to also enjoy our time time there we don’t have as much interest or funds for the expensive beach-side condos and homes. We were hoping to find a clean efficient furnished place or two separate places that can accommodate 10-12 people including several children under 12. I have not been successful in finding anything online yet except the more expensive vacation condos. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi Angie, the best plan (never rent online, it is usually the most expensive way to rent, especially if they know you are American) is to have someone from your group arrive a few days ahead of the others, and find a suitable place. No other way really, unless you have an on-the-ground contact person.

      best of luck, Molly (previous owner helping out Andy Alexander the new owner who is on vacation)

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